After 30 years of work around green and
sustainable practices in the built environment,
WARM has officially changed our name to better
reflect the diversity of services we provide.
We are pleased to introduce EcoWorks.

EcoWorks. Building Energy Solutions.
We understand that there's a life cycle for every structure, and we're innovating solutions along that path that save money and the planet at the same time. And, more importantly, we're educating people – in schools, in homes and buildings, in green job training programs and through our partnerships – so you can do the same.

In the end we get much more than energy
efficient buildings. We get cost savings for the people who need it the most. We get stabilized neighborhoods by keeping people in their
homes. We get informed communities, making and spreading real change. We get healthier people and healthier neighborhoods.
One house, one building, at a time.


- W. Shakespeare


At last year’s breakfast event I created a moment of stunned silence when I smilingly announced that people were probably attending WARM’s last annual breakfast. Say what? I quickly went on to say that the Board and staff were already embarked on a 5 year strategic planning process that might well result in
a name change. It has, along with a restated mission and a clearer vision. We are EcoWorks, a name that better connotes the diversity of our activity. Eco (ecology, economy) and Works, as in workforce training and working for a better tomorrow.

Our work and our dedicated Board and staff remain largely the same. The name was interfering with the work so the name had to go. I have never known anyone to get overly excited about doing the hard work of strategic planning or recrafting mission and vision statements, but this Board and staff embraced the challenge. I believe they have set the organization on a solid foundation to move forward and make a stronger impact.
Please let us, EcoWorks, work with you to create the just
and sustainable economy we all desire.

Bob Chapman

Executive Director, EcoWorks